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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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are being kept quiet. on board 43-year-old kreufr son maffei and at least one of his two children -- christopher maffei. >> we were able to send a photograph out to the vessel and he did confirm the person on the boat was christopher maffei and he did see a small child in the vessel. >> reporter: on tuesday, maffei abducted his two children. >> opened the door really fast. he grabbed each kid in one arm and took off. my mom gave a good chase. my mom gave a good chaise but he hit her. >> reporter: hope says he hopes maffei would not hurt his kids. >> he loves them, so i hope by the grace of god that he is not
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going to harm them in any way. >> reporter: the first theft of its kind in 32 years. >> he claimed to be an international businessman. so most international businessmen i know have sailboats that work all over the world. then his e-mail didn't work. so that seemed fishy. >> reporter: for several months, maffei was seeking out a boat. we're going to tell you maffei's sailing qualifications and how his instructors reacted when we told them that he took out a sailboat with his two small children. police are asking for help of finding a missing at risk teenager. kristina krag is a special
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needs child. she is described as white, 5'4" tall, 160 pounds with brown hair worn in a pony tail. anyone with information about kristina's whereabouts is asked to call police right away. a fundraiser starts in a few hours to help find a missing man. the student vanished sunday as he was tubing near the sacramento river. the fundraiser begins at 7:00 at a popular hang out where he once worked. it's casa burrito. the investigation of a couple that police do -- believe was -- >> reporter: vallejo police want the public's help. they say someone in the community have critical information about this case and
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they want that person to come forward. family members released this photo of 31-year-old dejon jones. they say he and his pregnant girlfriend were gunned down in their home in front of their 2- year-old son. >> we do not believe it was random. >> reporter: multiple rounds were fired inside the house, neighbors then saw two men running out. >> reporter: witnesses reported that two black males running from the scene southbound on asserton wearing hooded sweatshirts. >> reporter: police say they need a more detailed description and are asking for the public's help. >> this family was targeted. this was a specific act against these people and we want folks to come forward and help us. >> reporter: and the family wants that too. the victim's father did not want to speak on camera but told ktvu that jones never had arguments an everybody liked him. he says jones was just trying to take care of his growing family. his girlfriend was expecting
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twins. his grandmother had just bought him a house a month ago right next to hers. >> he did not te serve what happened because he was a good good person. >> reporter: family and friends gathered to grieve together. they say they don't understand why this happened. >> i loved him to death, my kids loved him. he was a good person. as far as we know and i don't know what happened and i grieve for the family. >> reporter: because the couple was apparently expecting twins, police are now treating this as if there were four murder victims in this case. anyone with information is asked to contact vallejo police. the survivor of a deadly police shooting that also happened in vallejo spoke exclusively today to ktvu. >> to this day i still want to know why. why did they kill mario and why they attempted to kill me. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30, more from joe johnson and how his side of the story differs
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from police. it is a story you will see only on two. in oakland police are investigating two shootings one of which was fatal. one of the shootings happened right after midnight. a man was shot in his home. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a police source told ktvu the victim is a known drug dealer. they say two armed men chased the victim into his home and demanded drugs and money. the victim was shot and killed as he apparently tried to escape. the other shooting happened around 8:00 last night at 64th avenue and mcarthur. the victim told police he was shot in the hand as he tried to grab the suspect's gun. the carjacking attempt failed and the wounded man was able to drive away. a concord teenager charged in a fatal crash that happened back in april is expected to change his plea. police say the 17-year-old was driving on tree boulevard when his car hit muri and his daughter hedesa who were out riding their bicycles on the
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sidewalk. the teen was in court this morning. he had previously pleaded not guilty to two counts of vehicle manslaughter. this morning his attorney asked for a change of plea hearing. prosecutors say the teen is expected to plead guilty. he's set to return to court september 16th. firefighters are expected to put out two wildfires. according to calfire the fire has now grown to 12,500 acres that's more than 1,900 square miles. an advisory warning is in effect for the cortina rancheria area. full containment is expected monday. politicians are jumping on this week's unemployment numbers including some new disappointed numbers that were released today that did not meet analysts expectations. our consumer editor tom vacar
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reports which side should you believe? job seekers were void yesterday when private check processers adp said private employers hired 210,000. however adp says it was only 96,000. >> the private-sector is picking up some of that. >> reporter: others, including labor lawyer believe job loss was far less. >> this past month there's a drop of 7,000 jobs in the public sector. >> reporter: it's confusing since most of the time this graph shows adp and the labor department usually match up. despite the differences of statistical numbers, statistics are really nothing more than numbers on paper what is really important are the people behind those numbers. >> it's kind of hard. it's kind of hard because you know you don't have that degree
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to really get on the top level. >> knowing all that, not being applying locally and online. >> reporter: in fact, east bay works has a program that pays $4,000 to employers who hire the long term unemployed. >> and we have had seven employers take us up on that. and we still have 40 plus slots that we're willing to fill. >> only 96,000 jobs gained is really the lack of job generation in the private- sector. >> reporter: sobering, especially here. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street today, stocks held steady. the dow added almost 15 points. the nasdaq inched up slightly and the s & p500 gained almost six points. more now on our developing news that body that was found in san benito county near highway 101 and highway 156 on cannon road. we have just confirmed now that the body is that of a female.
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however, a source is telling us they do not believe that it is the body of sierra lamar. she was the 15-year-old who was missing since march when she was going to school and never returned home from morgan hill. again a body has been found, we are working to get more information but authorities do not at this point according to a source believe it is the body of sierra lamar. as we get updated information we will bring it to you. but again the headline at this hour, a body found in san benito county. it is that of a female, but we do not believe according to sources that it is the body of sierra lamar. the august jobs report is having an effect on the presidential campaign since unemployment is a key issue among many voters. >> jobs numbers were very disappointmenting for almost every net new job created. approximately four people dropped out of the work force. seeing that kind of report is
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obviously disheartening to the american people who need work. >> while campaigning today in iowa, romney said president obama doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to the economy. he claims those 96,000 jobs created last month weren't enough. and fresh off the final night of the democratic national convention, president obama is campaigning in iowa and new hampshire. he says republicans in congress are not doing enough to help reduce the high unemployment rate. >> if the republicans are serious about being concerned about joblessness, we could create a million new jobs right now. if congress would pass the jobs plan that i sent to them a year ago. jobs for teachers, job for construction workers, jobs for folks who have been looking for work for a long time. >> 4.6 million jobs have been added since president obama took office. but he says that is not good enough. more jobs need to be created
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faster. republican vice vice presidential candidate paul ryan is in the middle of a fund raising swing in the west. tickets for the breakfast tomorrow at brent jones' home costs $4,000 per person. paul ryan is due in fresno for a private dinner and reception. police and union workers gear up for a night at this san francisco museum. the issue that may lead to arrests inside. and i'm back here at 5:20, there's no fog at the coast right now. we're heading into your bay area weekend. when does the fog return. what does your temperatures look like for your saturday and sunday? i'll have the specifics. lots of prepaid cards
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an suv crashed into a tj max store in daly city injuring a bystander. police were at the scene shortly after the suv slam into the store. we're told the driver was not hurt but that a bystander who
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jumped out of of the way of the suv complained of minor pain. that person was taken to the hospital. -- near shore acres elementary in bay point just before 2:00. the shooting prompted a shelter in place for the neighborhood. investigators have not made any arrests and say the killings do not appear to be gang related. san francisco police today announced an arrest in the fatal shooting of a 38-year-old man in the western edition neighborhood. police say neighbors of the violence reduction team arrested keith smith yesterday in the city's mission district. he is accused of killing jonathan bullock on september 1st near the west side court's housing project. bullock was shot several times. police are encouraging anyone who may have information on this case to please give them a call. security teams are gearing up for an expected protest at
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one of san francisco's most visited museums. ktvu's david stevenson is live where union workers are expecting to take over the d. young. >> reporter: behind me you can see some of the members of sciu local 1021 already gathered outside the d. young. bus loads of union members are expected. protests could bring some arrests here. >> we will occupy the museum to show our frustration. >> reporter: union workers at san francisco's d. young and lesion museums say they are frustrated with contract talk that is have gone on for years. they plan to occupy museum. >> we think that it's important for the people to know and the museum know this is the way their employees feel. >> reporter: tonight's protest comes a week after dozens of union members surprised visitors as they shouted and marched into the museum.
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>> i mean, you know it's annoying in the sense that we have to hire extra security but it didn't really disrupt us and we don't expect that tonight either. >> reporter: at issue are a wage increase and health care contributions for 48 museum workers ranging from guards to exhibit designers. >> they're looking at a 12% raise over the next three years and that's four times more than any of the other city unions have recently settled for. >> but at the same time they're asking us to agree to pay let them pay somebody else less to do our jobs in the future. >> reporter: the young museum workers say they are under paid compared to for profit museums. museum management says new talks are expected for next week despite tonight's protest. >> we're hoping that there will be a peaceful demonstration and they'll be respectful to the fact that this is city property. >> reporter: again another live look at the d. young museum as protesters gear up for the 6:00
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event. we plan to be inside the museum and bring you live pictures as it happened this evening. david stevenson. santa rosa police are looking for a man suspected of raping a teenager. police say a 17-year-old girl reported that a man attacked her in julliard park last night at about 8:30. investigators say the teen first approached the man asking if he could use his cell phone to call for a ride. police say the man handed her his phone then grabbed her and dragged her under a tree where he raped her. investigators say the teen managed to escape when a group of men near by called out to the man asking him what he was doing. the attacker is described as white in his 20s with white hair, green eyes and about 6'tall. accusations are flying at the federal trial of former
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mobster james whitey bulger. bulger's attorney accused the defense of -- safety is the number one concern as preparations happen for the air show. as pilots prepared today, that tragic accident was not far from everyone's mind. >> it covers everything from directed energy to the altitudes that we can fly out. to make sure we're executing the air show at a safe manner. >> the air show is not a race it's more about showcasing performance maneuvers. well the weekends is almost here and there's a lot of stuff going on this weekend. and what's the weather going to
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look like? >> some where around 9:00 this morning. >> okay i will go with that on you. >> you're right frank. the weather looks great. we have fog that's not at the coast. it is clear. beautiful conditions coast side all day today. there's a little patchy fog showing up head land. winds offshore they're gusting to 20 miles per hour right here off san francisco. the winds just north of pittsburgh. they're gusting to 25 miles per hour. so we've got kind of a fall summer pattern going on right now. a little bit of everything. these are the current temperatures outside. 87 in fairfield right now. 83 in concord, 86 in the antioch. we mentioned this last night and the night before that. did you notice that little kick in the air. that little crisp feel it really does feel like fall. of course technically we're in summer but nights are getting cooler, nights are getting longer and we're finding these temperatures to be fall like. everyone at the coast temperatures coast side we're in the mid-50s today. nuisance subtropical moisture
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has gone that way and that's really good news. in the newsroom and weather center we're on pins and needles because a pattern like that can be a real problem. we're heading into the bay area weekend and the weather looks great and there's a lot going on this weekend. talked about the cool, crisp overnight lows. i know in january that doesn't seem like much but when you're in august, early september. mid-40s, upper 40s that's pretty cool. tomorrow morning as the kids are going where they're going, you're going golfing, it's going to be kind of chilly. a little bit of patchy fog coast side but not a lot. there's a lot going on this week. we have a series at the ballpark. the giants playing at the ballpark. it's going to be a beautiful night through the fifth and 6th inning then it'll cool off. we're going to go to your specific neighborhood and i'll let you know how you need to drink and how warm it'll be as
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we head into saturday and sunday. shares of pandora plunged today on speculation that apple is looking to start its own online musical service. shares of pandora slid 17%. pandora already faces stiff competition from other online services such as spotify. the release of the new iphone could mean a change to the over all iphone line up as well. a british newspaper is reporting that apple may stop production of the iphone three and then offer the iphone four as the entry level edition. the i phone 5 will go on sale september 21st. a big development in the e book price fixing case. the agreement today involving apple and three major publishing companies and what it requires all of them to start doing. oakland's hometown hero gets ready for tomorrow's big fight.
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we're there as andre ward gets weighed in. new at 6:00, missing from san jose and discovered dead in. [ - - in indianapolis. >> also calfire is making some changes, what they're doing as lightning and strong winds amp up fire danger. >> the pricing is absurd. >> the reason residents are preparing to sue a grocery giant.
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oakland's andre moore is back in oakland before his big fight. >> andre ward wanted to be here, we had a great offer from atlantic city, could have gone to las vegas, but andre really wanted to have this super fight
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right here in oakland. >> reporter: ward is facing a tough challenger, todd johnson. they weighed in today and a lot of fans turned out to see the weigh in. this 2004 olympic gold medalist is 25-0 as a prowith 13 knock outs and is a multiple title holder but tomorrow, he meets his toughest opponent yet. >> i feel good, i feel good before the weigh in but going out there and seeing that electric crowd, it's unbelievable. it gave me the jolt, the extra jolt i needed and i'm excited. i can't wait till tomorrow. >> ward's challenger chad johnson is 31-1 with 17 knock outs. the fight is being shown on hbo and will be seen in 34 countries all over the world. the players will be able to play this weekend. a collective bargaining panel overturned the suspensions of jonathan vilna, will smith,
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scott fujita who by the way went to cal and anthony hargrove. the case will now go back to roger gudel who could impose new penalties. the players were suspended in may for alleged roles in the scheme that put bounties on injuries to opposing players. a's pitcher brandon mccarthy is continuing to recover after being hit by a line drive. how he's doing after emergency surgery and how the scare could effect the safety policies in major league baseball. a federal judge has approved a settlement between the justice department and three major publishers in the e- book price fight. the publishing companies set their own prices without discussing it with competitors. they must also terminate their agreement with apple or other retailers that set restrictions on e-book pricing. jumping for a worthy price.
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how a community steps up to help the family of a fallen officer. >> and we have an account of what happened during an offer involved shooting here in vallejo. o?oowq
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a community comes together as tributes continue for a fallen officer. feelings of outrage and grief continue to grow after the killing of a chp officer during a traffic stop alongside interstate 680 in contra costa county. it's a story we've been following for you all week. rob roth continues our coverage from fairfield that's where people who want to help the officers family have a unique way to do so, right bob. >> reporter: we're inside jump highway and as you can see
5:30 pm
there's a lot of jumping and running around going on at this indoor trampoline park. on sunday the owners are holding a fundraiser here for the family of california highway patrol officer kenney youngstrom as the community steps up to support a fallen officer. on sunday those who come here will be bouncing for a worthy cause. the owners say they will donate all the proceeds that day to the family of officer youngstrom who lives near by. >> it's one of the ways we can help give back. these guys put their life on the line for us each and every day. >> reporter: officer youngstrom was shot and later died. >> not a lot of times i don't get welt up, it's very difficult. it's starting to happen now just talking. >> reporter: it's an organization that provides money, scholarships and a strong shoulder to an on for
5:31 pm
the families of fallen peace officers and firefighters in the country. the 100 club has given officer youngstrom's family $5,000 and a promise. >> we're going to be there for you. if you need anything, call us. >> reporter: shannon starsky knows what it was like to need the support of the 100 club. it was two years ago that starsky was killed. he left behind three small children. his wife says the 100 club has been a great help during difficult times. >> they always call and check on me. how are you doing. is there anything you need. and that's so important. >> reporter: as for the youngstrom family fundraiser it goes on all day sunday. and near by businesses are also helping donating merchandise for a silent auction. rob roth, ktvu news.
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known for its pink mustaches. a new driver service is raising questions about insurance. start ups like lift have come under fire from cab companies which call those ride sharing operations illegal taxi services with inadequate insurance. now lyft says it will add $1 million supplemental insurance. speaking from his hospital bed a man who survived a hail of gunfire in a police involved shooting is describing what happened. christien kafton is live where he's waiting to get the response to this man's story. >> reporter: we've been here at the vallejo police department looking to get the response to the story from the man we spoke
5:33 pm
to today. both men were in the car the whole time. and he says never presented a threat to the officers who fired on them. >> why did they kill mario and why did they -- and why they attempt to kill me? >> reporter: from his hospital bed, 21-year-old joe johnson gave his account of what happened when police fired more than 30 rounds at him and 23- year-old mario romero. the officers on scene asked the men to show their hands, today johnson said he and romero both raised their hands as soon as police spotlighted the car. but he says the officers fired any way. >> i didn't know if they could see me. apparently they could bauds the lights were facing me and mario so they could see every action we were doing in the car. i know for a fact that mario had his hands up. >> reporter: the police account is radically different. they say police got out of the car with a pellet gun in his
5:34 pm
waistband. that's when they opened fire. johnson says that's a lie. >> mario never got out of the car. mario had no gun. there was nothing in the car. >> reporter: one of the officers jumped to the hood of the car say witnesses. but police say it was just to look inside. >> he fired from that position. >> reporter: johnson's attorney john burress says he has no faith in the vallejo police or district attorney's office to conduct a fair investigation. >> if anything is going to happen it has to occur through the justice department. the u.s. justice department and that very well be the avenue that has to be done. >> reporter: since we arrived this protest here has developed. now we talked with the department -- recalled the department earlier and talked to two lieutenants letting them know what we heard today. vallejo police have not gotten back with us. i talked with the chief on wednesday night, he stands by his officers account. we're live in vallejo, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news.
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san francisco based twitter is playing a role at this year's presidential election. twitter has its own elections page where it measures the number of tweets about each candidate and then produces a score based on whether the comment is positive or negative. right now president obama has a score of 52. boosted of course by his speech last night at the democratic national convention. mitt romney has a score of nine. however, a week ago after the republican national convention, the split was reversed in mitt romney's favor. clint eastwood is defending his speech at the national republican convention which left many people puzzled. eastwood told his hometown newspaper in carmel his choice to address an empty chair where he imagined president obama was sitting was a spontaneous decision. eastwood also called obama the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the american people. a earthquake rocked china killing 50 people so far.
5:36 pm
the earthquake happened in the part of the country where the poorest people live. the earthquakes ranged from 4.8 to 5.6. the death toll is expected to go up and aftershocks are still being felt. tensions are rising in syria after another round of car bombs killed at least police officers in the capital city of demascus. the explosion happened very close to the justice offices. the violence erupting in damasrcus are seen pressure on assad. residents have recovered 45 unidentified bodys in two years near the capital of damascus. an al-qaida group that for decades have been responsible for bombings has officially been designated by the u.s. as a terrorist network. secretary of state hillary clinton made the decision it
5:37 pm
bans americans from doing business from the groups and blocks any assets it holds in the united states. a bizarre airport hoax gets even stranger. what led to this man being led out in handcuffs? >> john fowler has learned that quick action may very well have saved mccarthy's life. lots of prepaid cards
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investigators say they think a love triangle forced into a hoax that led a man to be taken off a plane in handcuffs. christopher shell was taken away in handcuffs. smith told police she did it to avenge his girlfriend because shell had dated a woman and posted a compromising picture of her on facebook. the california artist who created a famous poster of barack obama during the 2008 campaign was sentenced to 300 hours of community service today in a los angeles court. 42-year-old shepherd fairly was convictedoff fabricating evidence against. today a judge gave farley two years probation and ordered him
5:41 pm
to pay a $25,000 fine. the makers of a smart phone application grinder are going political with a get out the vote message of their 1.5 million users. grinder says it's sending messages to users to inform them which candidates support gay rights. the life saving surgery for mccarthy and why doctors say this injury can sometimes be tough. and you know that's good news for your bay area weekend, no fog in the area. i will have the specifics on your area for your neighborhood coming up. new at 6:00, missing from san jose and discovered dead in indianapolis. we will explain the unusual way two men were found that's sparking questions.
5:42 pm
>> and what firefighters are doing with spiked wind. >> the prices their posting is absurd. >> the reason one area town is preparing to sue one grocery giant. fñ
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curiosity is leaving its marks on mars. its tire marks can be seen from space. if you look closely you can see the zigzag of its tracks. nasa will observe the tracks over time to see how the surface of the plant changes. mccarthy is listed in good condition tonight one day after having a line drive ball his head. his injury is a real reminder of how dangerous baseball can be. >> 29-year-old a's startedder brandon mccarthy hit on the
5:45 pm
right temple, he was alert and seemed fine but was taken to the hospital for a scan that looked like this. >> we see what's called an epidural hematoma. >> reporter: bleeding between the skull. >> reporter: we have a blood vessel called the menengial artery. >> an individual may not survive. >> reporter: after a ct scan, surgeons opened up mccarthy's school, removed the blood and repaired the injured blood vessel. doctors say there's about a six hour window to prevent what's called talk and die. >> i have had patients with golf accidents and baseball accidents who have been able to return to full support. >> reporter: you might remember marin high school pitcher gunner he survived a line drive that hit him in the righttemple. a year later he threw out the
5:46 pm
first pitch. natasha richardson had a ski injury, she did not get help on time, she died. mccarthy's quick action saved his life. >> everyone if they're talking at first and there's no obvious loss of consciousness. remember this story. >> state health officials have expanded recall on black licorice manufactured by a bay area company. the recall includes not only red vine but now family mix, mix bites and snaps are included as well. the products are manufactured by union city's licorice company. the candy may contain high levels of lead. a new study is questioning the use of mammograms among some women who are at increased risk of breast cancer. the added radiation for
5:47 pm
mammograms may actually raise the chances of developing breast cancer among young women with g mutations that put them at high risk for breast cancer. researchers suggest that screening is a safer method for women under 30 who have that gene abnormality. red wine may reduce blood pressure but only if it is nonalcoholic red wine. that's according to a new study by spanish researchers. their study found men who drank moderate amounts of red wine saw a drop in their blood pressure. however drinking alcoholic red wine did not lead to any significant changes. the real benefits may be found in powerful anti oxidants in the drink. the bay area may be in for another bay area el nino season. bill says it'll still be a few
5:48 pm
weeks before we know exactly what kind of el nino we'll have, either a weak, moderate or strong. let's talk more about our weather now. beautiful day here. and the weekend is here. >> there's so much going on. >> there really is. football games, baseball games. >> cal is playing on saturday. there's a lot going on. outdoor activities will be perfect weather wise for what's going on. you can see along the coast it's fog free. so my friends out there at the cliff house right now you may be throwing back a ice cold one and looking at the sunset. it's going to be a beautiful night out there. 89 in fairfield, 87 in antioch. the highs tomorrow a little warmer. tomorrow will be the warmest day on the weekend. i said this earlier, it really does feel like fall. when you have these cool mornings it makes it tough for fog to form. we're starting to see the
5:49 pm
temperature gradient slack a little bit which makes it nicer coast side. there'll be some fog but it won't be as much as we've been seeing. saturday, warmest day. sunday this low pressure kind of drops in here and does what it does. it just bringing more fog in so the on shore flow gets kicked in. it's still a nice day sunday, especially inland. coastal fogs are going to see more fog sundays afternoon. temperatures will be up four to 8 degrees cooler than it will be on saturday. the fog forecast kisses the coast right there. 6:00a.m. you see what's going on. a little bit -- you know when you get that in the afternoon it'll give a good push and shoot through the gate. and then it clears out again. gets patchy fog in the evening hours. most of us tomorrows will be 70s and 80s. 86 in fairfield, you get 90 up in clear lake. good air quality. that's a nice looking temperature forecast. just comfortable, not too hot, not too cold.
5:50 pm
good bar-b-que weather. i think by 7:00, 8:00 it'll start to get cooler. we're not horribly worried about fire right now. it's not a high fire type of weather pattern. saturday is your warmest day, sunday is cooler. >> right back on track. >> a lot going on. >> thank you. more rumors swirling about who will judge this season's american idol. entertainment weekly is reporting that fox has now offered enrique iglesias $4 million a year to be the fourth judge on the panel. if iglesias takes the gig the line up for the season 12 judge's table will include mariah carey and possibly rapper nikki minage and keith urban. the x factor could be keeping up with the kardashians. khloe kardashian is a runner up after her try out. still a few hours before the mega millions drawing. we'll tell how much is up for
5:51 pm
grabs, plus -- >> we're getting older and we all need a future. >> reporter: why dozens of people say an event like this morning's could change their lives forever. cçrrú
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
many young undocumented immigrants are now weighing their odds. today in san jose some of them
5:54 pm
attended a workshop to learn about the subject. >> now i have to do something because time is going by, we're getting older and we'll need a future. >> reporter: the president's program makes work permits available and suspends deportation but to qualify they must serve in the army or go to college. >> the paper work can be complicated and there is a $465 fee to apply. an estimated 1.7 million immigrants could qualify for work permits under this program. catholic charities is holding the workshop every friday for the next month. san francisco international airport has been awarded top honors by travel weekly. sfo came away with both a gold
5:55 pm
and silver magellin award. the system was given the award and the silver magellin was given for its social media program. the california lottery's mega millions jackpot has hit $105 million. no one matched all six numbers during tuesday's drawing so tonight 105 million is up for grabs. and if you opt for the one time cash prize, after taxes that comes out to $81 million. lady gaga's meat dress has made its way into the museum of women in the arts in washington, d.c. you remember that dress it was made from argentinian steak. lady gaga wore that dress to the 2010 mtv music video awards. it is the only way to see that meat dress on the east coast. well we are following developing news, we told you about in the south bay. that's where crime scene
5:56 pm
investigators are combing through a eucalyptus grove where a body was found. union members are gathering and plan to disrupt a weekly party at one of san francisco's signature museum. a live report from inside when ktvu news at 6:00 begins just seconds from now.
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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with developing news from the south bay. a woman's body has been found in san benito county near the time of aromas. robert handa joins us live now where crime scene investigators are arriving to comb through a near by eucalyptus grove. >> reporter: we're in the town of aromas, just above the ridge there we have just left that search area. we're going to show you from chopper 2 where investigators have arrived. this is where someone
5:59 pm
discovered the body of a woman and called police. now again we reported in our 5:00 news that sources close to the case say investigators do not believe this person is sierra lamar and in the past past hour, we have had other sources tell us the same thing. at this point they do not want to reveal details of the person's body. the sheriff's department, the santa clara sheriff's department will only confirm it is the body of a female. at this time sources tell me they do believe it's a homicide case and not an accidental case so they're treating it that way. regardless of whether this is sierra lamar or not, police say they will be at this scene collecting and searching for clues. we'll bring you any details. robert handa. >> as robert mentioned, ktvu knew crews will stay on this st


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